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Haa: Bji-Kartsho

Registered voters - 4,173

Male registered voters -1,963
Female registered voters - 2,210



Ugen Tenzin
Age: 52
Experience: Former Member of Parliament
Education: Master in Public Administration (Politics and Environment)

Describe yourself in three words.
Diligent, loyal and approachable.

Your priority for the constituency.
Apart from specific needs like national road expansion, farm roads up gradation, cultural preservation and tourism encouragement, development of Haa town is a necessity.

One aspect you like and dislike in the ongoing election process?
One thing I like about the ongoing election process in Haa is that the candidates behave humbly without any hue and cry.
I dislike when a majority of people are still not aware of the importance of representing parties and what they stand for (their pledges) to weigh their options and make the right decision for the progress and stability of the country over personal remunerations. The ugly part of the election is the time consuming and obligatory door-to-door campaign where destructive handouts can take place easily in place of village wise public meeting.

What according to you is the biggest challenge for the country?
The biggest challenge I see is to find strategic ways in narrowing the income gap between rich and poor, which is the vision of DNT.

Three reasons why people should vote for you.
Loyal to the throne and played a role in safeguarding the country to serve TsawaSum.
Nominated and elected by people and a proven track record while serving in the parliament and now representing a party that is committed to take free, equitable and quality health care to people.
A genuine man of principle.

The first thing you will do if you win.
Visit lhakhang and thank the God for permitting people to change for the better and to give me strength to deliver the promises I made.

Social media, a boon or bane in this election for you? I would say social media could be either boon or bane depending on the user and how viewers perceive them.


Sonam Tobgay
Age: 26
Experience: Two years in tourism sector as a guide
Education: Bachelors in Bhutanese and Himalayan Studies

Describe yourself in three words.
Loyal, humble and dedicated.

Your priority for the constituency .
I would focus on connectivity and look into making the base course better to have pliable roads in the constituency. I would also look into enhancing productivity in farming through modern methods.

One aspect you like and dislike in the ongoing election process? 
As a candidate, I have had the opportunity to meet people and converse about their daily life. I’ve learnt about their problems and struggles, which motivates me to work harder for their happiness.
One thing, which I dislike, is the fact that without monitoring during the door-to-door campaign, we are not aware of what goes on inside the houses. Although law says that no corruption is allowed, this kind of campaign has higher chances of corruption and bribery.

What according to you is the biggest challenge for the country?
The biggest challenge as I understand is the exaggeration of candidates’ pledges and promises. The promises are mostly unrealistic which only woo and influence people to vote for such candidate, which would ultimately have negative impact to the country. In fact, pledges need to be focused more on making the foundation stronger and better.

Three reasons why people should vote for you.
I have experienced village life and am abreast with the challenges of such a life, I understand their issues well and would be able to represent them well.
I will walk and not jump. Meaning I will not make unrealistic promises and focus on enhancing the foundation in terms of development.
As I was a voter before, I know that too many pledges was not possible in a five year tenure. I don’t have many pledges but the pledges that I have are doable and which will benefit the people in the country.

The first thing you will do if you win.
I will start getting fund and visit the constituency to monitor the progress of the works in the constituency. When there are development works, usually what happens is the money for the work gets exhausted without the work being completed. I will go to the site in person to monitor.

Social media, a boon or bane in this election for you?
It is both. It is a boon in the sense that candidates who are lesser known are made known and their pledges too are disseminated through the social media such as Facebook.
It is a bane because the social media has lots of fake accounts that spread fake news and rumours. Due to this, there are chances of creating division among people that leads to disharmony in the country.