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Punakha: Lingmukha-Toewang

Registered voters - 6,394

Male registered voters - 3,410
Female registered voters - 3,524



Tandi Dorji
Age: 50
Experience: Medical officer and child specialist for 13 years in Ministry of Health. Technical Advisor to the Department of Public Health, Consultant for 8 years.
Education: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Pediatrics, Master International Public Health (MIPH), Master Business Administration (MBA).

Describe yourself in three words.
Trustworthy, helpful and sincere.

Your priority for the constituency.
Convenient and quality health care at the BHU and Punakha hospital.
Adequate drinking and irrigation water for all five gewogs.
Safe and all weather roads for all chiwogs.
Blacktop road to all important lhakhangs, school and heath center.
Bridge and road to Bali, Kewana, Tsachuphug.
Enhance the income of our farmers.

One aspect you like and dislike in the ongoing election process?
Like: Better awareness among our people on the democratic process and hope for change and giving chance to new Party.
Dislike: The division created in the country by party politics fuelled by fake news and lies being spread through social media.

What according to you is the biggest challenge for the country?
While there are many challenges such as unemployment among youth, narrowing the gap between rich and poor, regional balance, the biggest challenge as seen after the primary round is to create unity and harmony among people. Only DNT has that opportunity and I hope that voters will give us a chance to do that.

Three reasons why people should vote for you.
I have been contesting the election since 2008 and therefor my commitment and sincerity in serving the people of my constituency.
To bring unity and harmony among our people which only DNT can do.
My pledges are realistic and sincere and will benefit all – especially those from humble background – by narrowing the gap.

The first thing you will do if you win.
Meet and thank all the voters of my constituency.

Social media, a boon or bane in this election for you?
A boon if it is used appropriately, to reach out to voters, to relay realistic messages and to share information.
A bane (sadly as of now) by hiding behind anonymity to attack opponents, hype falsehood, create division .


Sonam Wangyel Wang
Age: 48
Experience: Professor in Seoul, South Korea and Director of Royal Education Council.
Education: Doctor of Philosophy and Master in Public Administration: Democracy, Politics, and Institutions.

Describe yourself in three words.
Compassionate, pragmatic, tough minded.

Your priority for the constituency.
Complete all farm road construction and black top them in 5 years; build bridges at Mindagang, Wolathang, Bjara-rongchu and Bali.
Address all irrigation and drinking water problems.
Reduce human wildlife conflicts.
Set up a charity school (11, 12 grades) for the low income families.
Create employment and generate income through tourism, hydropower, agri and forest based industries.

One aspect you like and dislike in the ongoing election process?
LIKE: Contributing to the process of democracy.
DISLIKE: Campaign rules are too stringent.

What according to you is the biggest challenge for the country?
Sustainable Economic Development to move the country forward as well as provide employment and a good life for our citizens.

Three reasons why people should vote for you.
I’m a pragmatic, tough-minded man of accomplishment and political conviction with a demonstrated mastery of policy and public service.
I come with demonstrated experience at all levels from practical implementation of socioeconomic development programmes.
I have academic grounding in politics, public policy, administration, and natural resources management, key to developing programs and policies.

The first thing you will do if you win.
I will thank the wisdom and the endurance of the people of Lingmukha-Toedwang constituency and Bhutan.

Social media, a boon or bane in this election for you?
It’s a boon.