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The mood

With all parties prepped to hit the campaign trail, the upcoming elections are expected to be an interesting episode in the country’s democratic process. It is projected to be a closely contested election with two parties having served their terms in parliament and the other two not yet being given …

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Looking to the future with clear vision

As we draw closer to the third election to the National Assembly, which is due to take place in less than a month’s time, it is time for us to take stock of things. This means looking back on the journey we have made together as a nation almost 111 …

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National Assembly Elections

With the royal decree calling the national assembly elections and election commission issuing the notification calling the elections, Bhutan has officially entered its third election period. In less than a month’s time, the country will head to the polls for the primary round.  The commission has set September 15 as …

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Being apolitical

When Bhutan was preparing for its first parliamentary elections, civil servants were mandated to remain apolitical. They must not attend political meetings. Then, the question civil servants asked was what does being apolitical mean? Today, as the country prepares for the third national assembly elections the same rules, perhaps with …

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Cost of inefficient public transport system

Our failure to deal with rising vehicle numbers is coming home to roost. In Thimphu particularly, the problem of shortage of parking space has become so acute one has to drive for almost an hour to find a spot. During rush hours driving through any part of the city can …

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